War Memorial Convention Hall

About This Project

War Memorial Convention Hall – Lihue, Kauai

Creative Partition Systems (CPS) was contracted directly by the County of Kauai to refasten the acoustic ceiling tiles at the roof line of the Kauai War Memorial Convention Hall. The building is over 70 years old, and the tiles had started to delaminate and fall causing a major safety concern as the hall is used almost on a weekly basis for various functions by the public.


As this is an auditorium with chairs and a sloped walkway, the only access to the roof is via scaffolding. CPS built full height scaffolding with a “dance floor” at the very top, planking off an entire platform so that work could be done to refasten every 2×2 tile. The sheer magnitude of the scaffold was impressive. Because it is located indoors, the entire scaffolding was assembled by hand without the assistance of any equipment. What adds to the complexity of this project is that the roof is domed-shaped and 45-feet at the highest point, so there were multiple heights and step downs that needed to be considered.


For safety reasons, CPS completed half of the building at-a-time. CPS completed the project and removed the scaffold offsite within four weeks. The completion date was September 2023.



CPS Project Team:
Estimator: Alan Nicolas
Project Manager: Michael Zhou
Project Assistant: Mariefe Wong
Superintendent: Alapati Sula
Foreman: Jose Ramirez

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